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San Mateo, CA

With more than 20 years of patient care

We are offering premium consultation for 20+ years with commitment and excellence .

Licensed to practice in California, Louisiana and Nevada

 We are serving and treating the patients through several states

Performed over 500 consults

It’s not just a number, it is the trust that people have on our way of treatment

Our mission at Apothetique Holistic is to provide pharmacist-led consultations for medical patients seeking relief from cannabis.

100% Guarantee or your money back

Customised for every individual's use type

Exclusively performed by a licensed Pharmacist

Best customer service

Our Treatment


We are trained to find what's wrong. So, when it comes to the novel use of cannabis, usually as 3rd or 4th line adjuncts to traditional western medications, pharmacists are equipped with resources to identify drug interactions or medical condition contraindications, thereby decreasing costs incurred with hospitalizations, but most importantly decreasing harm and toxicity from misuse. 

Goals of Therapy

Medication management and optimization

Medical history evaluation

Unrivaled Support

Pharmacists can provide ongoing support and appropriate dosing for cannabis products with different routes of administration. We can collaborate with dispensaries or prescribing physicians for you. Additionally, we provide a unique niche by bridging the gap and following your progress to make sure you meet your goals.

Personalized plan and follow-up

Customized product recommendation

Unlimited access to your pharmacist via text/sms

Dr. Nina Diez, a dedicated pharmacist, cannabis science proponent, and the owner and founder of Apothetique Holistic, has a vision to dissolve the stigma around cannabis through education and research. She is an active member of the International Society of Cannabis Pharmacists (ISCPh) supporting advocacy and advancement in cannabis research. She is a Certified Medical Cannabis Wellness Advisor and a Masters in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics candidate from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, the first graduate program in the United States that is dedicated to the study of medical cannabis.

Dr. Nina Diez
Owner and Founder, Apothetique Holistic

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San Mateo, CA

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